We wanted simple to use, and we know we’ve got it with our easy-to-use “rocker switch”.

Rocker Switch

The rocker switch on the DH thin tube BTE is a multifunctional switch, designed specifically to be very intuitive and easy to use. Its tactile bumps are easy to feel while the device is being worn. By simply pressing up or down on the rocker switch you can quickly adjust for volume up or down. Both up and down volume controls have 6 steps of 2 dB increments of volume each.
The rocker switched are also used to change the preloaded hearing programs. Simply press and hold the rocker switch for 1 second or more, then release and the preloaded program will change. The programs will cycle through from one to the next, and repeat as you continue to press, hold and release the rocker switch to choose your desired selection.

Simple, easy to use, and low cost hearing because of little solutions like the DH rocker switch.